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Featured Artists

JD Portrait


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JD Laclede is the artist and author behind Ask The Werewolves, a multimedia blog that lets readers ask an eccentric wolf couple any lycanthrope-related questions that may be on their minds. He is also the creator of the fantasy webcomic El Indon, and has contributed to multiple issues of the anthology zine Werewolves Versus. His designs frequently feature his favorite topics: werewolves, lights at night, and basslines. 

SolarDog Portrait


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Digital artist, music producer, Fashion Furs founder, F/F Collective founder, designer, hip-hop/R&B enthusiast and occasional performer. These make up the young black individual known as Sol. With a passion for his culture and craft, he spends time attempting to mix his interest not only in his creations, but the communities he frequents. With the hope of providing inspiration to the world around him.

Danger Fox Portrait


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DangerFox is a self taught illustrator from upstate NY who finds inspiration in a blend of bright cartoons and dark mystery. They've made it their goal to make anthropomorphic art more accessible to a larger audience. Their illustrations have been featured on a variety of products ranging from skateboards to apparel. Their journey of self discovery is everlasting, with their growth as an artist evolving with each passing day.

Nicnak Portrait


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Hey there, I’m Nicnak, otherwise known as Nicole, and I specialize in illustration and design involving anthropomorphic animals! I currently work as a full time character and prop designer for TV animation, with freelance on the side. I absolutely adore animals but a common theme found in my work revolves around felines, specifically lynx! I hope you enjoy the work I produce for Mäul.!